Sales Productivity Development

Egton - Terence Murphy - Business Development Director


"I am a business development director with 20 years of sales experience, so I’ve been through a great deal of sales training over the years! I already pride myself on my responsiveness and service to my major clients, and consistently meet my sales objectives. In going through the Orbit account planning workshop I realised that I could be much more proactive in my approach and could tap into the huge potential in my larger accounts through better research into their commercial challenges and decision making structure. This is also helping me brief and engage with all of my ‘virtual sales team’ so we can work better together. Orbit clearly know their stuff - the workshop was practical, participative and business orientated, and it was very beneficial to spend time in a team session reviewing my account plan. It confirmed some things I’m doing right and gave me some real pointers I can use to increase the share of wallet. I’m so committed I’ve now put time in my diary to continue the process on all of my top accounts! Overall this is the best sales training programme I’ve experienced in many years.""

Baringa Partners - Collette O'Gorman - Senior Manager

Baringa Partners

"As a senior manager in the consultancy Baringa partners I have come to be known as a subject matter expert in my field. As part of that I have started to write blogs and articles – to let our clients know what we do and to build my own personal reputation and standing in the market.

My background was in science so I am good at technical writing, but felt I needed to brush up on the art of persuasive writing, to make my blogs more engaging. I knew the basics, so an introductory course wouldn’t have worked. I needed a focused and professional critique from someone who was an expert in the field. I have my own personal style and that needed to be respected and developed. I decided to engage Gill Barstow as a writing coach.

One to one input from Gill over a period of a few months was very valuable. She pushed my boundaries and made my writing more structured, business orientated and emotionally compelling. I ended up with a map of key guidelines which I can use in all my blog writing in the future. The programme built my confidence that I have something valuable to say, and helped me communicate it more effectively.

This was the ideal input for me as an experienced business writer who wanted to refine and develop my own signature style."



"We engaged Orbit Business Development to equip us as a team to use LinkedIn as a tool to generate new opportunities – either cross-selling into accounts, or generating ‘net-new’ customers and to use a targeted approach to invite suitable clients to our series of round-tables. Our team were all experienced sales people, but really varied in their track record with LinkedIn – some considered themselves experts, others had not even signed up for the service yet! The workshop opened our eyes to what LinkedIn could do for us. The Orbit team have a track record with IT sales so spoke our language, and were pragmatic, flexible and interactive in their delivery style.  Since the workshop we have had some real success in promoting our seminars and events to a highly targeted invite list (based on finding roles like chief security officer). I would recommend this workshop to all IT account management teams who want to catch up with this powerful, low cost promotional tool’"

BT Lynx

BT Lynx

"From an initial investment of 70k with Orbit we have achieved incremental orders of 1.5m (multiplier 21), Consultancy assignments of £535k (multiplier of 7) (over time will result in significant pull-through revenues which will add to the total above) and pipeline growth of £2.11m+ (multiplier of 30)"



"We have significantly improved client relationships. The sales team are more focused on selling solutions rather than technology in isolation. The management team are adapting their style which is highly motivational for staff and client growth. This programme will significantly assist Morse as it develops into a consulting-led business"

Perceptive software

Perceptive software

"Orbit have worked closely with our EMEA sales and management team at Perceptive Software through a period of rapid change and growth for us from a turnover of £250,000 to £5m.  Orbit balance good commercial acumen and drive with a fun, people-orientated attitude which fits in with the way we like to run our business. The results in all areas have assisted both personal and business growth and we plan to continue our relationship going forward."

BT Engage IT

BT Engage IT

"The Orbit team brought a refreshing and very relevant approach to sales development in our business, improving the skills of our Account Managers to a much more business focused approach and this complimented the style of engagements with customers by our own Strategic Consulting team. At the time of the training, I was personally moving into a Regional Sales Director role and found the coaching, training and personal coaching instrumental in providing me with the necessary skills and confidence to move further up the ladder."


"The coaching programme has definitely helped me make a shift in mindset and reposition myself in the business as Director. As leader of a team in the development of services business, I am seeing individuals grow and develop. I am in control and more effective in my role.  Having a mentor outside of the company has helped challenge how we do things and improve the way we operate as a business."

Kevin Flynn

"Whilst at A&O I engaged Orbit to explore a number of new ways of developing the sales team to exploit our position in a number of major accounts. We introduced LinkedIn as a means of expanding our relationship base and also to identify key target people in other organisations. I was pleased with the foundations that we put down and I expect the team and the individuals to achieve their own high targets going forward."

Kevin Flynn - Sales Manager

"As a new Sales Manager with a new team the Orbit programme was very timely. The combination of coaching coupled with structured account development and workshops helped to establish a common language across the team expediting our account planning process. We experienced a number of quantifiable benefits including an increase in the number of services engagements and meetings with more senior client contacts within our target base. The process has become integral to how the team works using ongoing coaching to ensure that personal and company goals align and account development to maintain momentum. I feel the regular coaching sessions has enabled me to increase my understanding of underlying team member's motivations and values giving me real confidence in the team and my ability to execute on opportunities."

Leadership Development

Joanne Prowse, Acting Chief Executive, PhonepayPlus


"Gill has been acting as my coach for the past 6 months since my promotion to the CEO role. This step-up has happened at a time of significant change and challenge for the organisation. Gill has acted as a valuable sounding board to help me unpack and find clarity on complex issues. She has been instrumental in my development of a stronger and authentic 'voice' to better manage the diversity of my stakeholder community, be that internal, my Board or the broader, external market. Between our face-to-face sessions, Gill is always available to offer advice and support, and regularly sends over articles, models and insights to further my leadership and strategic development."

Sales Manager

"The Orbit Leadership and Development Coaching programme has had a profound effect on my professional life. I initially engaged with Orbit at an early stage of my Leadership career path. The skills that I developed during this period essentially helped frame my overall approach, recognise my style and identify areas for improvement. A large number of these skills and techniques are apparent in my everyday workings today, some years on from the initial engagement, and the relationship I hold with Orbit is one that I continue to hold in high regard."

Sales Director

"My confidence and business acumen has improved through working with a coach who has years of experience working with Directors. Helen helped me clearly identify areas that I need to let go of and move into the Director role with clear goals. I now structure my time far better and spend more time and effort successfully developing key areas of the business. I would recommend Orbit's coaching as a valuable resource."

Senior Manager

"The coaching has helped me immensely. It hasn't been about 'cosy chats' but has challenged me by practicing difficult situations in a safe environment. I've been able to focus on development areas and improve my key strengths. I now have a 'toolkit' of tested skills and techniques to call upon in different situations to maximise my influence and impact."

Asst Finance Director

"I regard the development programme as an absolute success. Gill coached myself and other senior finance colleagues over a period of several months with a mixture of individual and joint sessions. She quickly established a real rapport with us that gave us the confidence to make breakthroughs in areas that we had previously struggled with. I found the programme stimulating, revelatory and rewarding. I feel I have developed my management style and approach in ways which I could never have imagined possible."

Communications Manager

"I feel completely differently now about the people management part of what I do. I have a top performing team who are very positive and motivated. I feel I have developed a way in which I can work individually with them all - which makes it easier to run team meetings (something I have always disliked doing). Everyone is really working to their strengths. When we took part in the company's Employee Opinion Survey our department was not only the best in terms of overall / individual scores across the different categories but considerably ahead of the next best department in each case. For me you are one of those people you meet in life who really make a difference."

Public Sector Senior Manager

"Gill coached me individually over a 6 month period, along with several colleagues within the same management team, including planned group development sessions. The support provided proved invaluable during a period of intense change. It was good to ‘download’, enabling me to be more objective and focus on the right things at the right time. The advice and input received was absolutely relevant to me and was focused on my specific individual issues. At times it was challenging and even uncomfortable, but it realised changes in a far more effective and precise way. It has led to a calmer, more politically astute me; improved thought processes and a more positive outlook; more effective delivery through my support team and facilitation of others – achieved more with less stress and achieved a better work / life balance; increased influence across the organisation and Improved teamwork and understanding across the management team (all of whom were being coached)."

Senior Manager, Housing Association

"The coaching was a real luxury for me in a very difficult time – with a demanding boss, challenging relationships with other members of the senior management team, changes required in my own team, as well as preparing for an inspection – a real emotional rollercoaster! The coaching was most useful to me to be able to bounce ideas and have someone to confide in and give emotional support during these difficult times, knowing I could admit my foibles without being judged. Gill posed questions that made me think things through and at times also provided structured thinking and advice which was very useful.

I have been able to take up my role on the SMT and learn how to influence in my own way, which suits my character. The coaching has helped me to deal with some very big issues, which I may have procrastinated about before. I managed a major transition period in my team better than I expected.  When I presented my plans to the SMT I spoke with conviction and had no opposition.

I now have a much more effective team and can delegate much more successfully which leaves me with time to take up my role on the SMT. The coaching has made me feel like a ‘proper manager’. I have become much more self-aware. I spend much more time thinking about how to motivate my team as individuals, recognising that they have individual needs.

The coaching was a valuable experience for me on many levels and the fact that the organisation has invested in me in this way has made me feel valued, in spite of the pressures."

Operations Director

"At Europa we engaged Orbit some five years ago and I was assigned one of the senior consultants as my executive coach and mentor. During this period I had moved from an operational management role into a Director of the company and attribute some of this personal growth to the support and help I have had from Orbit. They have a very demanding and challenging approach but are equally supportive in difficult situations".

European Marketing Director

"I have found the coaching sessions with Gill very helpful. She has an uncanny ability to ask just the right questions which makes you think better about the issue, clarify your thinking and thus help you generate your own answers. She is obviously very experienced and has an extensive toolbox of skills and knowledge to turn to when necessary, meaning that she can provide the right interjection of knowledge, example or to up your insight or skill base just the right time. This makes the experience very time efficient. She can pin point the issue, pin point the right interjection and after only a short period of time leaves you feeling clear headed and on a path to success."

Clare Findlay

"I have worked with Orbit for a number of years. Initially they undertook a programme of increasing productivity in our telesales team and this was entirely successful. More recently I needed to explore the behavioral profiles of my executive team and engaged Orbit for this exercise. They used extended DISC and the results have been both enlightening and rewarding - we can move forward with a much greater insight into how our teams operate and need to develop."

Jamie Buttle

"I appointed Orbit when I was Head of Sales at Lynx Technology Ltd. We embarked upon a personal coaching and mentoring programme which developed my direct skills to operate at UK Plc and also to take on a much bigger role as the Group Sales Director. The work was entirely productive and successful."

Business Model Optimisation

Justin Mullen, Director Managed Service Solutions

Managed Service Solutions

"While coming to the end of a mammoth project that consumed the organisation, we decided that we needed to be clear on what we would do next. We were all working very heavily in the business, delivering consultancy to clients. The big project had bent us all out of shape and we needed to refocus our intentions and our offerings to the market. We needed a fully agreed vision and direction to focus our energies and steer the organisation forward. Lots of options existed and choices had to be made – What did we want to sell? Where did we want to position ourselves in the market? What was different about us? Which clients would generate the best long term success? Etc. In addition we had a new management team–all big personalities – and we needed to bond, understand each other and capitalise on significant individual strengths to become a team rather than a set of strong individuals. Orbit brought a combination of structured thinking, insightful questions, challenges from people who had learnt through the school of hard-knocks, and personal support in developing us as individuals. As a result we refined our offerings, made them simpler, chose certain target markets that we could excel in and were practical, created a differentiation and moved forwards with a passion. We now focus entirely on putting governance and performance at the heart of every sourcing relationship and work with some of the biggest public and private sector clients and managed service providers in the world."

Brinley Platts, MD CIO Development

CIO Development

"After rapid growth and success I was personally maxed out and my consultancy organisation plateau'd. I had ambitious aims for the future, but not enough clarity on how to achieve them. The business model I had created could not sustain the growth and I couldn't get a more effective strategy together. I wanted to re-engineer what we were doing to sell larger contracts and more repeat business; for this I needed someone to cast an objective and critical eye over my operation and give me some guidance and direction. I got exactly this from Orbit. They helped me to focus and better use our limited resources, to prioritise and move up the value chain. Today we are a market leader in our field, working with FTSE 100 IT leadership teams to transform the value they deliver to their companies."

Brian Myrie, MD WPS Consulting Limited

WPS Consulting Limited

"We were doing well and growing fast but we didn't have a clear view of where we were going as team. The work we did with Orbit helped us define clear goals based on realistic growth expectations. It gave us a view of what our organisation could look like in the future, to clarify our service range and our ideal target clients. It helped us define some of the important issues we needed to focus on in the short term, and some of the additional skills we needed to bring into the business. Based on this strategy we were then able to commission focused marketing work, and also agree objectives and have more rigorous performance management for our whole team. It was useful to have the Orbit team act as a sounding board, asking questions, and keeping us on track till we completed the task. The whole exercise was invaluable for us at this stage in our development as a company."

Jofi Alexander - ex InGroup Software, now SymphonyIRI

InGroup Software

"Orbit were engaged by IG Software over seven years ago. The business model needed to be changed and developed in order that the shareholders achieved an exit value. Orbit were engaged through the whole of our business development cycle and the business was sold in 2009. As a Board we were provided with considerable assistance from the Orbit team and our Chairman to achieve these business goals. Orbit are definitely capable of helping organisations change their business model and grow their executive team".

Alan Haley - Europa


"We have been working with Orbit for around five years now, with David Hewitt acting as an invaluable non executive director responsible for various assignments over that time. His responsibilities have spanned executive development; organisational planning and facilitating Board of Management processes, as well as squeezing in two M&A explorations. With Orbit’s help we have continued to grow through a recession, beaten our best performing year and built a team that is stronger and better equipped for further expansion still."

Jamie Marshall, Dataplex Systems

Dataplex Systems

"As Technical Director at Dataplex Systems, we engaged Orbit to work with the executive team. They were very strong in helping us refine and develop our business propositions having initially completed a vision and business direction workshop. I was responsible for developing the teams of people to implement the updated propositions and the support I got from the Orbit consultants team enabled all this to happen within the prescribed timescales. In my new position at Equanet I had every confidence to introduce Orbit to help with our own change programme including executive development and sales productivity."

Realising People Potential

Kate Heal, Operations Director, Frog


"We engaged Orbit to do a thorough review of our technical helpdesk function, to increase efficiency and improve customer service standards. The Orbit team took time to understand our business model and gained a good insight into the challenges faced and the strengths of our team. They came back to us with a thorough plan of action, which we have used in subsequent months to make a real difference. I'd recommend them to any company wanting to engage their people and improve standards."

Paul Hunt, Sales Director, EMEA, Perceptive Software Ltd

Perceptive Software Ltd

"Perceptive Software were building a brand new team and we needed to 'hit the ground running' - get to know each other quickly, build motivation and some common values we could bring into our approach with our clients. We knew from our recruitment programme that we had a strong team but we didn't have time to find out the important role each person had to play by trial and error. Orbit worked with our management team to design a series of team building events combining intensive work for each person to find out their strengths and personal values, briefing on company objectives, and team brainstorming to decide on the principles we should adopt in our work with clients and with each other. The feedback on the sessions was very positive and it helped people go straight into their respective roles in marketing, sales, and consultancy delivery in a motivated and productive way, which helped us achieve the rapid customer penetration and growth we were looking for."

Consultancy Manager, Ingroup Software

Ingroup Software

"The real benefits of your input to our consultancy team will come from clearly scoping a project AS A BILLABLE PART OF THE PROJECT and from implementing clear and concise change control. For this, I'm extremely grateful, and I think that in this regard our money was extremely well spent. In the 3 months since your training, the changes we have made to our processes have covered the cost of the training many times over."

Mike Hunter, Director, Aramark Managed Services, Aramark Ltd

"Helen was engaged to participate at the company's annual conference to the top 250 managers in the UK. The idea was to engage the delegates on two levels, one being informative of plans and the strategic rationale behind the decision to develop a particular service. The second was to provide a personal learning and something that they personally would remember and associate with the session. The decision was to run part of the session about personal beliefs and how they affect the way we view life and work. Working with Helen was great. She emanates a great enthusiasm for her work and people in general, which encourages positive interaction with the audience and her co workers. She is focused on the task in hand and exudes a positive outlook on life which is infectious. She managed to quickly communicate on the level of the audience and delivered what is a very personal and reflective session in a manner that the audience felt comfortable with."

Paul Lloyd, RWE npower

"Steve has a flair for communication and for understanding people. His style is informal and genial and yet he instils confidence, motivation and discipline into the most challenging of gatherings. We have benefited immeasurably from his support and expertise in the design, facilitation and review of key events from small-scale meetings to full-scale conferences. On a personal note, I know that my skills as a manager have been strengthened enormously by the advice and guidance I have received from Steve. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending his services to any organisation that recognises its people as being key to its success."

Consultant in sustainable development

"Extensive project management training, and an MBA and two years running a small successful consultancy firm have taught me a lot of theory, but we continued to meet the same challenges in trying to satisfying clients without eroding our margins when delivering complex international consulting projects. Your course helped bring into focus some of the underlying issues in scope and change management and offered practical insights into how we can address these issues. A stimulating session, thankfully low on jargon and high on practical solutions."