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Using LinkedIn as a powerful tool in Business Generation

Why LinkedIn?

  • Prospecting via telephone and email is becoming increasingly challenging
  • LinkedIn is the most prominent worldwide social media tool for business users
  • It provides huge potential for intelligent business generation
  • LinkedIn is all about using the power of your existing network to generate introductions and C level contacts
  • Most companies are in the early stages of implementing this and recognising its value
  • The Orbit team are finding that in many teams of account managers usage is patchy – with some enthusiastic users, but some going no further than a basic profile and an ability to use it to check client names. Many simply see this solely as a tool to get their next job!
  • This represents a paradigm-shift – combining this powerful tool with other conventional methods to:
    • Increase sales productivity
    • Achieve ‘warm’ C level introductions
    • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Enlightened companies recognise there is a window of opportunity for the next few years before LinkedIn becomes saturated and effectiveness decreases – your team can be among the first to make serious use of this tool
  • This programme will open your sales people’s eyes to the possibilities of using LinkedIn as an integral part of their business development process

Staged development programme

Using Linked In as part of the sales process
Using Linked In as part of the sales process

Typical benefits

  • Professional, client orientated profiles on LinkedIn
  • New contacts made with C level prospects
  • New opportunities in the pipeline
  • Increased sales productivity


What a group of experienced account managers said they learned from a recent session:

  • ‘We engaged Orbit Business Development to equip us as a team to use LinkedIn as a tool to generate new opportunities – either cross-selling into accounts, or generating ‘net-new’ customers and to use a targeted approach to invite suitable clients to our series of round-tables. Our team were all experienced sales people, but really varied in their track record with LinkedIn – some considered themselves experts, others had not even signed up for the service yet! The workshop opened our eyes to what LinkedIn could do for us. The Orbit team have a track record with IT sales so spoke our language, and were pragmatic, flexible and interactive in their delivery style.  Since the workshop we have had some real success in promoting our seminars and events to a highly targeted invite list (based on finding roles like chief security officer).  I would recommend this workshop to all IT account management teams who want to catch up with this powerful, low cost promotional tool’

  • ‘Gill understands the workings and purpose of LinkedIn so well and is able to explain very clearly how this can make a positive business difference. She provides insights and tips that have provided me with an effective personal plan for moving my LinkedIn experience. I have already made positive steps forward and it’s only a few hours since I went through the training!’

  • ‘I recently invited Gill to my firm to deliver training on how to use LinkedIn as a tool to grow my business. As a business owner it is natural that an assessment is made to consider the fees to obtain professional training verses the expected and hoped for returns. Gill grasped the pressures of my business quickly and showed a real enthusiasm for helping us succeed. She has been very willing to offer follow-up advice with how to present ourselves in the best way. I am very grateful to Gill and strongly recommend anyone building their business to discover how powerful a tool LinkedIn can be. We now see LinkedIn as a very important way for us to generate highly qualified new client relationships. Receiving instruction from Gill has been a sound investment and I regard her as an expert in the field, one worth engaging.’

Why Orbit Business Development?

  • Strong track record in IT industry
  • Deep understanding of the sales and account development process, combined with strong technical understanding of LinkedIn functionality
  • Motivational and pragmatic  ‘change management’ approach – understanding of what it takes to make LinkedIn a new ‘habit’

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