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Sales team development

When we work on sales development we think of it not as a training programme, but a change programme. Not just developing skills but changing the way your whole sales team thinks, behaves and operates.

In order to increase productivity and reposition your company in the minds of your customers, profound change is involved - you can't go on doing what you have always done and expect continuing returns. Both managers and sales people need to adopt new ways of working - not just as a short-term fix, but as a habit.

We believe that a conventional sales training approach will not bring about the sustainable change that is required, so we have developed a new approach based on our team's combined years of experience in sales management and people development.

Sales team development

Important elements of our approach

Our programmes are always tailored to your organisation, but these are some of the common elements:

All of this results in a high degree of buy-in for the change and long term, sustainable improvements in sales team productivity.