Services / Sales and Delivery team alignment

When a salesperson from a services based company meets a client, he or she inevitably sells the 'promise' of the solution and delivery experience the client will receive.

This promise usually means the scope will be defined clearly, the team will be well-briefed, motivated, talented and creative, that all parts of the service will be joined up, and the return on investment will be achieved or even exceeded.

The end goal is that the project is delivered successfully and profitably, the client is satisfied, is retained, and becomes a loyal advocate who will buy again and recommend you to others.

A company that can achieve this successful result without hitches in a high percentage of cases will inevitably build reputation, develop trusting and profitable account relationships and grow.

On the other hand any lack of continuity and consistency creates client disappointment, dissatisfaction and mistrust, and a great deal of managerial time is sucked into resolving client problems often resulting in significant erosion in profitability. Not a great start to a client relationship!

It costs at least six times more to sell to a new client than to an existing one. It is vital to get that long term return on the initial ‘cost of sale’ investment.

This is why it is worth investing in building complete alignment between sales and delivery teams.

Our client projects have included:

  • Building teamwork, a common vision and clarity of roles for sales and delivery teams
  • Working with professional services teams on stakeholder management- communication, negotiation, relationship building, and using business language
  • Building scope management skills and processes, including defining and managing scope to protect project profitability
  • Developing customer service skills, ensuring teams balance a focus on project profitability with a single minded focus to achieve the client's objectives
  • Involving the whole virtual account team in account planning, and encouraging delivery teams to spot opportunities
  • Helping to define consultancy service propositions as the primary client engagement model - resulting in repositioning the company as a trusted advisor, producing high value 'pull-through' projects and a profitable new revenue stream in its own right
  • Providing behind the scenes coaching and mentoring for project teams helping them through challenging client projects
  • Working with professional services teams to develop their commercial awareness and increase the conversion rate from client interview to contract assignment
  • Developing the leadership teams of delivery functions to develop the capability and earning potential of their people, position their function in the right way internally, and take on a growth mentality
Sales and Delivery team alignment

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