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Sales Productivity Development

Making the transition into true solution selling

Many companies aspire to using a solution selling approach but in truth find it difficult to do this in practice. The change is more than just issuing a new list of services, or changing commission structure. It is about a change of both skill and mind-set, and often a change in sales management culture and approach too.

Below we show the typical changes organisations need to go through to make the transition to true solution selling.

Moving from.... Moving to...
Concentration on product - with high focus on price Increasing percentage of higher margin services – with higher focus on value
Reactive, supplier based relationships  Proactive, thought leader/strategic partner relationships
Operational management contact Wider and higher footprint – including C level
Short term forecasts and pipeline Longer term forecasts and pipeline
Account development ad-hoc, largely unplanned Account planning sessions + documents
Sales team largely solo operators – sometimes ‘them and us’ with delivery team? Internal teamwork – making best use of all resources
Supervisory sales management style – focused on activity and figures Developmental sales management  style – coaching, sales accompaniment

The Orbit approach will give your sales organisation the sales methodology and skills needed to make this transition and the management approach to make the changes last.

We have found that increasing sales productivity in a meaningful and long-lasting way is not just about sales training.

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Assessing leadership capability Sales Operation Assessment Account Development Developing sales managers Sales team development Using Linked In as part of the sales process