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Developing a clear vision and strategy

Why Vision and Business strategy?

Your company may have developed and grown quickly. The management team are likely to be fully occupied working in the business. You recognise it is now time to stand back and work on the business. As your company grows  there is more need to introduce more structure, accountability and planning.

You may be seeing company growth levelling off what has worked well in the past is no longer working so well. There may be a change in your market, with new pressures or competition. You need to be clearer about what you are offering and what makes you different.

Orbit will hold a series of workshops attended by the whole management team. Throughout, our role will be to facilitate, challenge and structure your thoughts and keep the whole process on track. You’ll find our objective input based on our strong track record in your sector very useful in developing your thoughts.

Developing a clear vision and strategy

Following this strategy stage, you may follow through with more detailed work to manage change – this can include changing your structure, developing your propositions, planning acquisitions, developing new revenue streams, reducing costs, all of which Orbit can help you with if required. Orbit can also help your senior team to communicate a new strategy to new managers, staff, and other important stakeholders to gain the buy-in and alignment you will need to bring the strategy into reality.