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Assessing leadership capability

If you want your organisation to grow, then you and your leaders will need to grow with it. As a starting point you will want to know which of your team have the most potential and how to support them to develop; to know their strengths and talents and have a development plan to help them grow.

This type of leadership development assessment is potentially sensitive so it is often best facilitated by experts who are not part of ‘the system’ and can give unbiased support.

Or it may be that you are individually wanting to understand your capability and potential career direction.

First we have a briefing with you to discover what you want to achieve from this analysis. This will help select the most appropriate leadership framework from a selection of tried and tested approaches including:

We then hold individual face to face meetings to debrief each person on their personal feedback and to gain insights.  Our style is honest, supportive and encouraging, making sure we have a healthy balance between strengths and areas for development. We will support and challenge each leader to maximise their potential. From this we develop a framework for individual learning and action plans for leadership development training.

This type of initial assessment and feedback accelerates the development process by giving the individual a clear idea of where to develop, it builds the coaches understanding of the person and their challenges, and develops a deeper more supportive relationship more quickly. The feedback can also be used as the basis for team building across the leadership team, helping the leaders understand and make best use of each other’s strengths and covering for each other’s weaker points.

This assessment is most effective when followed by a team leadership development programme and/or individual executive coaching and mentoring as appropriate.

Assessing leadership capability

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