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Teambuilding and engagement

All senior managers know that to achieve goals as a company you need all of your people to be firing on all cylinders, but you may feel you are far away from that ideal:

The Orbit team have many years of experience of managing and inspiring teams of people to achieve exceptional things. We can work with teams or pairs of people working together, or even help you change culture or engage your whole workforce.

How does it work?

First we need to understand your objectives and challenges – Why is it vital to build the team? How would you ideally like them to work? What do you want them to achieve? What is preventing them from working well as a team? We always meet the team to find out the root of the issues.

Are there problems in:

Team building and engagement

From this we will be able to design a programme to bring about the right motivation, teamwork and engagement.

Our team–building and engagement programmes typically involve a combination of:

Through this we are able to generate meaningful and long-lasting change.

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