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Most individuals we talk to in business want to enjoy their job, feel trusted and respected, and to grow personally.

Most organisations we speak to want their people to take initiative, be more creative, engaged, flexible, agile, and self-managing.

Most leaders and managers recognise the need to step up, delegate more, spend more time on strategic issues, looking forward and understanding the bigger picture.

There is a common denominator here – a need to develop people to be more confident, more capable and to think for themselves.

A crucial element of changing culture and increasing productivity is that the relationship between a manager and their reports is changing fundamentally from a parent-child, to an adult to adult relationship.

This is where coaching comes in.

One to one coaching or mentoring can have a remarkable and long lasting effect on an individual’s motivation and effectiveness. The person feels valued. They drive the agenda, so it can be tailored absolutely to their individual needs. It is absolutely tailored to them and their needs. And it is long-lasting – because the input is sustained over a period of time, the effects are much more long-lasting than a one-off training event.

The Orbit team are qualified and experienced coaches and can help build a robust coaching culture.

We have worked with our clients in various ways.

One size doesn’t fit all situations...

The Orbit team can help you to decide on the best approach to take – or the mix that will work for you and your organisation

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