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Positioning as a value based supplier

This model shows how purchasing teams typically classify their suppliers – they look at how much they spend with you, and how mission critical your offering is to their success. This determines how they work with you – will they shop around, test you out and demand minimal pricing, or are they willing to work with you to maximise true value and create a partnership.

Positioning as a value based supplier

As a strategic partner you gain a higher degree of influence, client loyalty, and to an extent escape the price war – but only if your offering and your approach to customer engagement deserves a place at the top table.

We use this model as a critical tool to help your management team ask… How do your clients see you as a supplier? Are you a strategic partner, or a supplier of commodity products? Where would you like to be positioned?

This analysis leads to decisions and action plans which enable you to maximise value and create a true partnership?