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Developing value based propositions

If you are operating at C-level then clients are not interested in a primarily technical sell – they expect your sales people to be able to talk in terms of ROI and business benefit. You therefore need to develop propositions and offerings that focus on the commercial difference you make to your clients.

We help our clients identify the areas they feel make a real difference, how they can evidence this using case studies and testimonials. We then help them to develop simple models, sales presenters and collateral that communicate this commercial approach simply and powerfully to their clients. Then we train the sales people to be able to use the approach convincingly in their sales interactions.

Developing value based propositions

Many of our clients also decide to develop strategic consultancy offerings and capability so they can work with clients to identify requirements and make sure their services deliver maximum value.

This business focus inevitably needs to be carried seamlessly in your delivery teams. There is a risk of a disconnect which will mean a lack of credibility in your company message