Meet the team

What we do and how it will increase your productivity

What is it like to work with the Orbit team?

We increase productivity by carefully aligning skill development to client growth. Our experience and values mean that we are both positive and challenging, focused on helping our clients change in a meaningful way.

We hit the ground running and make sure we don’t get taken off course with areas not aligned to achieving maximum change. We work well with our clients teams, making the best of in-house talents to build momentum.

Leaders speak very strongly about how we’ve helped them develop their own careers, and equally shareholder directors have benefited from substantial increased wealth from our interventions. As one of our clients said ‘You are people who really make a difference’.

Business Model Optimisation

Business Model Optimisation

Orbit help companies optimise their market position, product and service propositions and shareholder value.

Leadership Development Consultancy

Leadership Development

There are now leaders and directors doing great things as a result of engaging Orbit.

Sales Productivity Development

Sales Productivity Development

Orbit work with your sales team and sales leaders to radically improve their productivity.

Culture & Brand Realisation

Realising People Potential

We get to understand people’s ambitions and potential and help them grow in alignment with corporate goals.