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“The results have been outstanding, with all Orbit trained execs exceeding annual targets – a record year for Egton! We are now using the Orbit foundations for all territory sales people including a new overlay team who provide product and service expertise into the sales territories.”

- Bob Finney, Sales Director, Egton

The Client

Famous for transitioning GPs from paper-based systems in the late 1980s and pioneering the use of GP practice management software, Egton is part of the AIM listed EMIS Group, whose products and services are used by 10,000 healthcare organisations across the UK.

Egton specialises in supporting Primary Care organisations with strategic IT solutions in terms of mobile working for clinicians, video consultations and a whole raft of other digital solutions designed to improve patient care and garner sustainable efficiency improvements for the sector.

The Supplier

Orbit Business Development Limited is a people development and business change consultancy with particular expertise delivering sales productivity programmes for organisations that sell complex technology solutions.   Orbit is well respected for its challenger sale approach and for driving tangible sales results through solution selling.  The Orbit team is equally respected for its delivery of first-class culture change and leadership programmes to the IT and Finance sectors.

The Brief

Egton needed to set some sound foundations for the sales effort and to establish some formality around territory management and account planning.  They needed to redefine the role of the sales executive so they would be very comfortable operating at the most senior level in the UK health markets enabling them to be involved in business change discussions and effectively demonstrate how technology can be used to solve health care challenges.

Steve Wilcock, Egton’s MD said, “Having worked for the EMIS Group for almost 20 years I took over the Egton reins as MD in 2011. I worked with a number of sales directors who did not achieve the level of progress and teamwork I was looking for, until I appointed Bob Finney in early 2015. Bob is doing a sterling job and has brought Orbit to us, having worked with them successfully many times before.”

Bob Finney, Sales Director for Egton said, “It was clear when I met Steve Wilcock he wanted to instigate a real step-change in his sales operations.  Introducing and managing change in a demanding environment is what my CV is all about.  Orbit have always delivered very strong ROI through their programmes – improving skills and driving sales growth.  I estimate delivering an incremental £50M+ to the UK IT economy, over the last decade, working in harmony with Orbit. I knew they were the right fit for Egton.”

The Solution

Orbit delivered a bespoke Sales Productivity Programme for Egton based on the following objectives:

  • To develop and unite behind clear and ambitious territory plans and structured account plans
  • To work together to provide a seamless service to customers
  • To maximise sales success and capitalise on the huge business opportunity
  • To step up to the next level personally in our capabilities as sales professionals

Egton anticipated sales success, and invested in a bespoke Operational Leadership Programme for the Operations and Technical leaders, designed and delivered by Orbit, based on the following objectives:

  • Facilitation of a team sessions for newly appointed operations management team
  • Facilitation of business planning for operations management team
  • One-to-one executive coaching for sales and operational leaders within the business

Egton's Top 5

We asked the team at Egton to list their top 5 benefits so far as a direct result of the Orbit ‘Solid Foundations’ Programme: 

“We go into year 2 of our development with Orbit having smashed £13.6 Million sales target, delivering a £18.7 Million order book – 138% of target – and that’s only the beginning!  This puts us in a strong position as we look to our growth plans for the coming year and beyond.”
Bob Finney, Sales Director, Egton

“I now have a solid team of ‘Solutions Sales Leaders’ who are very comfortable operating at the most senior level in UK health care markets.  They are becoming ‘Trusted Advisers’ to  their clients and are regularly invited into business change discussions to show how technology can be best used to deliver improved patient care and value for money for the health care sector. Of course there is still work to be done but the foundations are becoming increasingly solid.”
Bob Finney, Sales Director, Egton

“We have had a very good year with significant over performance in revenue and gross margin.  However, what I look for is what we have done to facilitate this success.  I am pleased in late 2015 we started a Sales Skill Programme with Orbit.  We now have a standard Territory Plan, Account Plans that are driving deeper and wider client relationships – this enables us to both influence eventual projects and also provide creativity and stimulation.  Equally important is the way in which the sales team have stepped up to become Sales Challengers which is essential for our ‘Trusted Advisor’ status – a key goal for us when dealing at CCG/CSU.”
Bobby Bahia, Head of External Sales, Egton

“I transferred full-time to Egton in January 2016.  It was clear from the start the environment would be demanding and there was much I wanted to achieve with Egton’s marketing. Initially working with Orbit to develop the ROI model to assist the sales team with communicating at a more strategic level it quickly became apparent that this model could and should become a key part of the marketing framework. The Sales Team had been trained and were developing their skills at engaging at the most senior level and taking a different perspective into their conversations, which was very much solution selling, providing challenge and stimuli in their client conversations. I wanted the marketing collateral and messaging to be supportive at this business level.  This engagement method fully supported our shift in the campaign strategy to content based marketing, creating conversations with our customers at multiple levels and different stages of the sales cycle. The ROI Model gives us all a clear focus and has helped create solid teamwork between the Marketing and Sales Teams who are now working cohesively and generating great results”.
Graham Brown, Marketing Manager, Egton

“I am a business development director with 20 years of sales experience, so I’ve been through a great deal of sales training over the years. I already pride myself on my responsiveness and service to my major clients, and consistently meet my sales objectives. In going through the Orbit account planning workshop I realised that I could be much more proactive in my approach and could tap into the huge potential in my larger accounts through better research into their commercial challenges and decision making structure. This is also helping me brief and engage with all of my ‘virtual sales team’ so we can work better together.

Orbit clearly know their stuff - the programme was practical, participative and business orientated, and it was very beneficial to spend time in a team session reviewing my account plan. It confirmed some things I’m doing right and gave me some real pointers I can use to increase the share of wallet. I’m so committed I’ve now put time in my diary to continue the process on all of my top accounts.  Overall this is the best sales training programme I’ve ever experienced!”
Terence Murphy, Business Development Director, Egton

As Operations Director I consider myself a strong operational leader with many years of experience. Our organisation is growing dramatically since we brought in an ambitious new sales director. I recognised that this would have a huge impact on our operations team, and that we needed to develop. A key part of that was the role of the operational leadership team.  I needed to take a step back, empower my direct reports, and free myself to innovate and focus more on the future.

“I engaged Orbit to provide one-to-one executive coaching for myself and also to facilitate a programme of workshops with my immediate team. The key outcomes were – more time for strategic thinking, delegation of operational decision-making to my direct reports and a team that is far more aligned and motivated. My role is starting to change with regard to the wider leadership community in the organisation – I’ve always been seen as a safe pair of hands but am now starting to be recognised as a source of commercially sound innovation as well.

“The Orbit team is flexible and responsive and has added insight, challenge and encouragement which has built confidence in the team.  There is still further to go but we are much further along the journey as a result of Orbit’s involvement.”
Nick Helman, Operations Director, Egton

The Final Word

“Having created the confidence and tangible improvements, my focus for the last financial year, has been on achieving growth.  Working with Orbit on this has brought some major strategic benefits.  We brought them in to drive sales productivity, leadership development and as stimuli for a number of more creative and new product development projects. Orbit has shown a very good grasp of the culture and value of our business and has delivered programmes very much aligned to the vision set for the business.”
Steve Wilcock, Managing Director, Egton

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