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...by putting the customer at the centre of what you do

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Welcome to Orbit Business Development

Truly customer-centric organisations stand out from the crowd in terms of brand reputation, customer loyalty and profitability.

Becoming a customer focused organisation isn't just an issue for front line staff - it affects every member of your business.

We encourage our clients to ask these key questions...

The Orbit team have the skills, know-how and track record needed to help you define your vision and more importantly make it happen.

And we walk the talk in our client relationships. We take on responsibility for your objectives, work hard for you, and become part of your leadership team. We help the individuals we work with to become more successful in their careers.

Our client relationships are our life-blood.

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What our clients say

From an initial investment of 70k with Orbit we have achieved incremental orders of 1.5m (multiplier 21), Consultancy assignments of £535k (multiplier of 7) (over time will result in significant pull-through revenues which will add to the total above) , and pipeline growth of £2.11m+..."
- BT Lynx

Orbit played a significant part in enabling us to get the maximum possible returns from our software operation."
- Concorde Informatics

Orbit have worked closely with our EMEA sales and management team at Perceptive Software through a period of rapid change and growth for us from a turnover of £250,000 to £5m."
- Perceptive Software

In the 3 months since your training, the changes we have made to our processes have covered the cost of the training many times over."
- Consultancy manager

With Orbit's help we have continued to grow through a recession, beaten our best performing year and built a team that is stronger and better equipped for further expansion still."
- Europa

I found the programme stimulating, revelatory and rewarding. I have developed my management style and approach in ways which I could never have imagined possible."
- Asst Finance Director

I feel completely differently now about the people management part of what I do. I have a top performing team who are very positive and motivated."
- Communications Manager

I had moved from an operational management role into a Director of the company and attribute some of this personal growth to the support and help I have had from Orbit."
- Operations Director

A stimulating session, thankfully low on jargon and high on practical solutions."
- Consultancy Manager

The coaching programme has definitely helped me make a shift in mindset and reposition myself in the business as Director."

From the blog

This may seem like a ridiculous question. Sales people are out there talking to clients all the time, so of course they are client focused, aren’t they? Well maybe, maybe not.... Clearly there are many professional and ethical sales people who work hard to provide value for their clients. I’m lucky to work with many I would put in this category. However…. In our society ‘Sales’ can be a bit of a dirty word - there is a cynicism about sales and sales people.... Read More